Our new classes are designed to push people of all fitness levels to their limits. They are a high-intensity, fun and social way to train.

We blend the best of Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells, barbell disciplines and much, much more to increase strength, stamina and all-round fitness whilst torching body fat. This is the perfect training model for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. You won’t believe the results you can achieve when you apply our classes to your everyday life.

All our current classes are listed below or check out our schedule page.

The classes last around 45 minutes to an hour so they don’t interfere with your daily plans and we make sure we spread them out over the day so you’re sure to be able to attend them.

Achieve your goals. Lose Weight. Get in the fittest shape you’ve been in with B-Fit UK

  • Lose Weight
  • Make Friends
  • Feel Great!