Christmas is coming…with that in mind we’ve put together some of our top reasons to start training now!

1) – The kids are back to school. As guilty as we feel, it’s nice to have a little ‘me time’ to de stress. It also means you have more time on your hands to concentrate on yourself and your training .

2) – Exercise reduces stress. Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of year for some, but regular exercise can help combat the stress and anxiety that the festive season brings. Get into a proper training routine now, you will feel a lot happier and sail through that Christmas shopping without a blip.

3) – Exercising will make you feel like you have more energy! What a better way to get ready for Christmas and not dread those dark mornings! Exercise teamed up with a good diet will leave you with clearer skin and a spring in your step.

4) – Let’s face it, most of us overindulge over Christmas and it’s not uncommon to gain 10lbs if you are not careful. Start training now with the knowledge you can indulge a little over Christmas without the guilt (and the extra lbs)

5) – Take advantage of the Christmas markets! They don’t have to be all about eating candy. Get yourself out in the fresh air, enjoy the atmosphere and choose snacks that can fuel your training . There’s always an abundance of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, not to mention nuts that you can use to your advantage.

6) – Getting started now doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it can save you money. A good training routine, great diet can help you stay focused, off the take aways and beers on a weekend. Cut out the rubbish now and save those pennies towards those Christmas presents.

7) – As winter approaches and the days draw in, many of us can suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) studies have shown that trying to get out into the daytime hours can help reduce the effects of SAD.

8) – As we head towards December many people will drop off their training plans, unfortunately for them, but you can use this to your advantage. Gyms tend to be quieter which means you can enjoy getting use to the gym while it is a bit quieter.

9) – If you start training now then you are putting yourself ahead of the ‘new year new me’ fad, as you will have already established good habits and will be well on the way to your healthier lifestyle.

10) – Most people train to look and feel better about themselves. The one thing that is for sure is that getting started now with a good training routine and a cleaner diet means you are not only gonna look great but you are going to feel confident and amazing at that Christmas party!!

By Daniel Hudson – Personal Trainer @ B-Fit UK

So we’ve HIIT (excuse the pun) that time of the year when pretty much everyone has quit or is really starting to struggle with their New Years resolutions. Here’s 7 steps to help you avoid messing up in March…

1) Make sure it’s what you really want!

When you first started training in Jan/Feb you were really excited….but to really make a change you have to feel really strongly towards it…..So many challenges will come up, you really needed a strong desire to weather the grit required to imprint new habits. Within a few weeks you have fallen back into old habits and unhealthy ways. If you truly want to change you have to find what you feel strongly towards and be patient – Slow & steady wins the race…

2) You’re Not Ready To Change

Even with the greatest will power in the world, it’s destined to run low sometimes. So you need to really make sure you’re ready to make the sacrifices needed to make a lasting change, otherwise you’ll be stuck exactly where you started.

3) Your Confidence is an issue

If your problem is always putting others before yourself or if you don’t believe you can do it then everything else becomes irrelevant. You have to believe in yourself from day 1 or you can 100% predict a string of failures and before you know it your back to square one. Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve. ones that aren’t a million miles away…..Little and often is key.

4) Are Your Goals Too Ambitious?

There are so many people out there that will take advantage of how ambitious you are….A salesperson, supplement rep or a quick fix weight loss plan. None of these can prepare you on how long it may take to overhaul your habits. Small changes implemented over time are the way forward. If you go too fast you’ll take a few steps back and have to start again.

5) You Expect An Outcome Not A Habitual Change

“I want to lose 2 stone, get rid of the rubbish in my life and relax more” That’s how it normally goes, complete outcome focused rather than looking at habitual or behavioural changes. One way we can look at this is by using the SMART method, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. If you build all what you want to achieve out in this way  you can generally see where you might go wrong before it happens. It’s your behaviour and habits that get you into this position…so this is what needs to change to achieve the outcome. “Enjoy the process to achieve the outcome”

6) You don’t keep accountability

It’s really important to make somewhat of a public commitment to your goals…..this gives you the chance to gain some accountability. Whether this is purely just getting it out there so people know, or just getting people on board to help you stay on track. There is no right way, but what’s important is that you commit to what you said even when the feelings pass that you had when you said it.

7) You Lack The Social / Communal Support

We are naturally sociable people and thrive more when we are surrounded by like minded people that have similar interests to our goals. It is so important that this happens otherwise you end up in an environment that belittles everything you are trying to do by putting yourself in a circle of like minded people. It allows a social circle that can share their experiences to help each other, when one hits a roadblock they can give each other tips or even just help get you back on track quicker when you fall off the wagon. Reach out to people who are already doing what you’re trying to do, this is great way to learn what habits you need to rely on!

If you want to get your fitness back on track and feel great then get in touch with us today! We are always on hand to help with any training or nutrition tips to help you achieve your goal of feeling better and being in shape!

Lisa – B-Fit Uk. Personal Training & Gym, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

The dark nights are already around again, we’re all back off our holidays and it seems excuses to skip a gym session are coming hard and fast! It starts with the whole… “skipping one session, won’t hurt” just like “oh one custard cream will by fine”, we’ve all been there, one custard cream will always turn into the whole packet, and one missed gym session can quite easily turn into a couple of weeks missed before you know it! Then after a couple of weeks missed, as Christmas is fast approaching, getting yourself back into it will always sound way easier in the new year (queue the New Year Resolutions)!

Come the new year I promise you, you’ll have wished you’d made it slightly easier for yourself by putting a little bit of extra hard work in earlier.

Here’s my top 5 tips for sticking with it over the next couple of months and giving your self the best start to a great 2018:

1) Fail to Prepare. Prepare to Fail!
Make it a bit easier for yourself by always having your gym bag packed! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to chuck a t shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of runners in your car boot! Get your bag packed and keep it somewhere where you know it’ll be handy when your 50/50 whether you’re going to make a session! Trust me it’ll really help you push through and train!

2) Not If!
When you wake up in the morning don’t ask yourself ‘IF you’re going to train’. Always tell yourself ‘WHEN’. Assign a set 45 minutes to an hour of your day when you feel like you can get yourself either to the gym, or if that’s really not possible… just get yourself moving! But by making a set time to stick to, as apposed to allowing yourself to let other things creep ahead, you really will be optimizing your readiness for your session.

3) Headphones In. Excuses Out!
Sometimes we really do need a bit of an extra push that doesn’t always need to come from a personal trainer shouting at you. Sometimes getting a collection of your favourite songs will give you an extra reason to get your head down and get a session in. Gather together all your favourite songs, old and new, and get training!

4) Bring a Friend!
You don’t always need to train on your own. By having a friend to meet up with a couple of times a week, you’ll be able to use each other as a bit of a push when you’re both feeling the winter months, and you’re not feeling up to training. You wouldn’t ditch your pal when you’re meeting up for a beer, hopefully it’s the same story when it comes to the gym.

5) Feel Good Factor
We’ve all experienced those days where we really don’t feel like getting out of bed. You feel like you’ve got 100 things going round in your head, you’ve got 23 jobs to do before 3 o’clock Friday, and to top it off Christmas is coming and the shopping hasn’t even been close being to started yet. One of the best ways to relieve a bit of stress and mellow yourself out a bit would be to sweat out your problems in the gym. The feel good factor you can obtain from sticking to a good training plan, really will help clear your head and help you tick off everything on what seems like a never ending list of jobs.

This post is aimed at steering you away from some of the main excuses that can creep into your training in the run up to Christmas. Whether you’re already training now, or its something you’ve been meaning to get into. Starting now and not putting it back another second really could be the best step you’ve ever taken. Either head over to now for everything you need to know about signing up, or add yourself to our Transformation Project: Black Edition Facebook group, we have a brand new 8 week challenge starting on the 30th of October helping you drop a clothes size on the run up to Christmas without giving up the things you love… #likeagymbutbetter

Matt Daft – Personal Trainer @ B-Fit UK

“Balancing my lifestyle with a diet plan is not possible”.

“I am too busy to eat right”.

Does this sound like you?

My own favourite was I’d had a hard day at work so automatically I get to reward myself with a slice of pizza, right?


One of the physical signs of stress is it makes junk food seem more appealing than any other kind of food. Stress and sugar go together like strawberries and ice cream. When we digest sugar we release serotonin which calms and relaxes us. Don’t let your mind fool you into thinking this way.

You work hard, you put the effort in at work so why can’t you put effort into a diet plan that you’re able to stick to AND benefit from

Don’t keep lying to yourself a salad every so often will not give you the results you want. You need to break out of the wrong food choices and your bad eating habits that you have built up over time. Healthy eating doesn’t require a ton of effort, but it does require dedication and a willingness to improve YOU and your BODY which over time you will feel and look healthier. It’s about investing the time and energy into Re-shaping your lifestyle

There are two reasons you are struggling to break the cycle of your unhealthy eating pattern.

Reason 1 – You Find Any Excuse To Give Yourself A Reward

“If I go spend an extra hour in the gym today, I can eat that Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie tub in the fridge tonight”.

“If I go for a 30 minute jog later today, I can stay in bed and binge watch a game of thrones marathon tomorrow”.

And as great as that sounds it doesn’t get you to where you want to be, if it did wouldn’t you already be half way there?

Sticking to training plans and eating foods that help your body should be what you are aiming for.

Don’t get me wrong, you SHOULD treat yourself every so often. Allowing yourself your favourite chocolate or glass of wine is good for the soul and as long as it’s all in moderation you won’t pile on the pounds.

Remember, If you do slip up in your diet that doesn’t give you the excuse to binge for the rest of the day or weekend. And if you find that on a night out you drink more than you intended and ended up at the takeaway at 1am with the worlds best burger served from a van don’t punish yourself, just forget about it, hit the gym again and get back on track


So you’ve been on a diet for 4 days and you still havn’t dropped any weight, must be the diet that to blame so you come off it and you either find another diet to replace the dudd one or tell yourself that you’ll never loose weight so why bother.

Results Take Time! You didn’t gain those extra pounds in 4 days so what makes you think you can loose them in that time?

Keep in mind that to achieve weight loss results, the formula to dropping pounds is 80% diet and 20% exercise so unless your committed to a healthy eating plan and taking regular exercise over a sustained period of time to see dramatic transformation results

There are no quick fixes, no magic potion and no excuses.

Dedication, commitment and realistic attitude is what is going to get you there.

Keep it up and soon you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


Taking the Black dog for a walk……. Is exercise the answer?

It was 2011, I’d started to experience terrible palpitations in my chest and was experiencing  horrific fluctuating moods…. I booked in to see the local doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression…this is where the story starts.

At 25 that’s the last thing you want to hear, which became something I struggled to come to terms with for a few years, was you suffered the taboo, the illness with no physical signs, the ‘Black Dog’ was now going to be part of my life.

The hardest bit was explaining to other people what it was without any physical signs being present. “Why can’t you just be happy?” or “What have you got to feel down about?” were common phrases I heard.

The issue with mental health is people measure it with either “you’re up or you’re down”, When it’s never a specific the way you feel, Putting it that narrowly  is like putting a broken toe nail in the same spectrum as a broken leg, they are worlds apart.

It took a long time to adjust, dragging myself out of bed was a chore in its self, initially all I managed to do was eat, sleep and watch t.v. I’ll tell you one thing, I will never ever over look someone going through a difficult time ever again when it comes to mental health.

I pretty much kept my mouth shut for the first 6 months as I was really worried about what people would think, id packed on 3 stone and was mega out of shape, not really that good for a gym owner. It really started to become insecurity for me.

When I eventually got talking it made me realise how many people are in the same situation and how many people out there are willing to support you through it. When I managed to drag myself up out the house finally, I started off steady, things like dog walks with my partner Ali and gradually built the exercise back up…slow and steady. This being out of shape stuff was so hard, it really hit home how some of my clients must have felt. I eventually got back in the gym and built the training up gradually over time and managed to start getting some of the excess weight off. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, bending over to pick weights up and feeling like my stomach was stopping me from breathing pressing against my short band. Even still I cracked on. I started incorporating some cardio training in, 30 minute cross trainer, bike etc. As I found this really made me feel better. Cardio gets a bad rap when it comes to fat loss but I found it great for stabilizing my mood. I cant recommend it enough.

Fast forward 6 years……

All of the above was a blessing in disguise. What it allowed was for me to learn empathy to others, have an understanding of how and what other people’s feelings were, particularly with mental health.

One of the biggest issues that are going to flag up over the next 10 -20 years will be mental health.

The reasons, things like social media, comparison to others, pressure from jobs, university and of course a break down in family relationships over the past 20 years all add to people’s mental health issues.

You see when someone is suffering mentally it’s not as easy as flicking a switch, a lot of issues to why people have it, tend to be ingrained habits that take a long time to resolve, some people never do, some people try every-day, which ever category you fit in, you need support.

Exercise is a great channel for stabilizing and raising your mood,

It gets your endorphins levels up (makes you feel better) and helps you get fitter on multiple platforms, which when done consistently over a period of time can lead to a complete change in your outlook and well being.

It’s one of the main reasons we set up the new part of our  facility, to make sure people that needed the support got what they required.

As a species we require connection, when we don’t get this different addictions tend to appear, alcohol, drugs (prescribed and non-prescribed), binge eating to name a few. When really we need to take some steps to better understand and control how we react to different experiences.

The biggest piece of advice I could offer to anyone in this situation is make sure you take action, and do it in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and supported and start by taking little steps.

Start exercising, it doesn’t have to be a gym, it can be just getting out for a walk with the dog or going for a swim or to a yoga class.

Start trying to clean your food up, you will naturally start to feel better if your body gets all the nutrients it requires.

Make sure you are getting some rest and down time, meditation is a great way of winding down if you struggle to relax.

Talk to someone, this is the most important one by far. For some reason we have this natural ability to hoard our feelings, shut off as we think our experience/feelings are individual and shouldn’t be shared because of judgment. It’s never the case once you eventually open up to the right person who can help you. I personally had a councillor for three years, it was the best decision I ever made.

Take some action and start living your life.

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