So we’ve HIIT (excuse the pun) that time of the year when pretty much everyone has quit or is really starting to struggle with their New Years resolutions. Here’s 7 steps to help you avoid messing up in March…

1) Make sure it’s what you really want!

When you first started training in Jan/Feb you were really excited….but to really make a change you have to feel really strongly towards it…..So many challenges will come up, you really needed a strong desire to weather the grit required to imprint new habits. Within a few weeks you have fallen back into old habits and unhealthy ways. If you truly want to change you have to find what you feel strongly towards and be patient – Slow & steady wins the race…

2) You’re Not Ready To Change

Even with the greatest will power in the world, it’s destined to run low sometimes. So you need to really make sure you’re ready to make the sacrifices needed to make a lasting change, otherwise you’ll be stuck exactly where you started.

3) Your Confidence is an issue

If your problem is always putting others before yourself or if you don’t believe you can do it then everything else becomes irrelevant. You have to believe in yourself from day 1 or you can 100% predict a string of failures and before you know it your back to square one. Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve. ones that aren’t a million miles away…..Little and often is key.

4) Are Your Goals Too Ambitious?

There are so many people out there that will take advantage of how ambitious you are….A salesperson, supplement rep or a quick fix weight loss plan. None of these can prepare you on how long it may take to overhaul your habits. Small changes implemented over time are the way forward. If you go too fast you’ll take a few steps back and have to start again.

5) You Expect An Outcome Not A Habitual Change

“I want to lose 2 stone, get rid of the rubbish in my life and relax more” That’s how it normally goes, complete outcome focused rather than looking at habitual or behavioural changes. One way we can look at this is by using the SMART method, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. If you build all what you want to achieve out in this way  you can generally see where you might go wrong before it happens. It’s your behaviour and habits that get you into this position…so this is what needs to change to achieve the outcome. “Enjoy the process to achieve the outcome”

6) You don’t keep accountability

It’s really important to make somewhat of a public commitment to your goals…..this gives you the chance to gain some accountability. Whether this is purely just getting it out there so people know, or just getting people on board to help you stay on track. There is no right way, but what’s important is that you commit to what you said even when the feelings pass that you had when you said it.

7) You Lack The Social / Communal Support

We are naturally sociable people and thrive more when we are surrounded by like minded people that have similar interests to our goals. It is so important that this happens otherwise you end up in an environment that belittles everything you are trying to do by putting yourself in a circle of like minded people. It allows a social circle that can share their experiences to help each other, when one hits a roadblock they can give each other tips or even just help get you back on track quicker when you fall off the wagon. Reach out to people who are already doing what you’re trying to do, this is great way to learn what habits you need to rely on!

If you want to get your fitness back on track and feel great then get in touch with us today! We are always on hand to help with any training or nutrition tips to help you achieve your goal of feeling better and being in shape!

Lisa – B-Fit Uk. Personal Training & Gym, Hillsborough, Sheffield.